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    APTIS Certification Preparation Course

  • What is the APTIS?

     What is the Aptis?

    APTIS is an assessment tool from the British Council designed to assess your knowledge and skills in five areas, CORE (vocabulary and grammar knowledge), Reading (comprehension), Writing, Listening (comprehension), and Speaking. You will not be tested on one level but through a range of questions, you will be evaluated on your ability in the various areas. 

    The result will be reported back through a numerical scale (0-50), which will determine your level as well (A1-C1).

    The APTIS testing day will be set after the preparation course, in a specific place with an appropriate testing computer lab or classroom.

    The test is divided into TIMED sections. It's important that you take note and remember the times you are given to complete each section.

    Below you will find a description of the test structure according to its sections.

    1. Core (25 minutes)

    • Part 1Grammar
    • Part 2: Vocabulary

    2.  Reading (35 minutes)
    • Part 1Sentence comprehension
    • Part 2: Text cohesion
    • Part 3: Short text comprehension
    • Part 4: Long text comprehension

    3.  Listening (40 minutes)

    • Part 1: Word and number recognition
    • Part 2: Identifying specific information
    • Part 3: Inference 

    4.  Writing (50 minutes)

    • Part 1: Word-level writing
    • Part 2: Short text writing
    • Part 3: Three written responses to questions
    • Part 4: Formal and informal writing

    5.  Speaking (12 minutes)

    • Part 1: Personal information
    • Part 2: Describe, express, opinion, and provide reasons and explanations
    • Part 3: Describe, compare and provide reasons and explanations
    • Part 4: Discuss personal experience and opinion on an abstract topic